improvement and
business growth.

Private equity investments. CAPITAL


Assets and liability


Family office wealth management.WEALTH

The Group

Marathon is a professional services firm that specialises in business consulting, private equity investments, insurance and family office wealth services.

We maximise the profit potential of businesses and the wealth of

entrepreneurs and private clients.

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We help senior management to achieve their key objectives and solve their biggest challenges optimising performance and long term value.

We follow a holistic methodology and we specialise in leadership, culture, strategy, innovation, operational improvement and execution.

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Clients approach

Marathon Capital when they require private equity capital & strategic partners to grow their business;
Marathon Insure should they need to insure their personal & commercial assets & liability risks; and
Marathon Wealth when they require a skillful financial advisor that can assist them in managing their family assets and wealth.

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50% 50%


80% 20%


Consulting, Capital, Insure and Wealth

The four pillars of the Marathon Group

While they operate as separate business units, we offer you the synergy:

When we help our clients grow their businesses and personal wealth, their capital and financial needs become evident. Our financial services business is geared to provide relevant financial solutions to meet these needs.


Culture is the footsteps of an organisation.

We live by our ICARE values (integrity, compassion, accountability, respect & excellence) and when you engage with Marathon, you will experience the brand and its people as authentic, purpose-driven, performance orientated and principles-led.

The Brand

Realising potential fuels the Marathon Brand


 What is in our name? 

Μαραθών (read Marathōn) is a town in Greece, north east of Athens, where the Battle of Marathon took place in 490 BC. In this battle the heavily outnumbered Athenian army miraculously defeated the Persians. After the battle a man called Pheidippides, a Greek runner, was sent from the town of Marathon to Athens to announce the news.

The distance he ran was approximately the same distance as the marathon road race we know today. It is said that he ran the entire distance without stopping, but moments after proclaiming his message "Nenīkēkamen" ("We have won!") to the city, he collapsed from exhaustion.

To run a marathon is tough, but the fitter you are the easier it becomes. The same principles define a high performing business - focus, confidence, discipline, energy, momentum, resilience and ... performance.

The best marathon runners have expert coaches who share their experience and expertise to prevent failure and optimize performance.

Running a marathon is very different from a sprint – in business and in life.




Break your own record is a challenge to our clients and to the Marathon team to continuously improve and push the boundaries of their potential.

Let’s Go is our call to action. We encourage, guide and help you push the flywheel to ensure you win your "race".

Our quirky reversed t says we are not your traditional consultants. Our skill, experience, fee philosophy and culture in combination fuels an entrepreneurial approach that is unique and different to our competitors.