Grander Vision | Burl Cain: Angola Prison, A Place of Encouragement

Twenty years ago, Warden Burl Cain had a Grander Vision to make Angola Prison a place for moral rehabilitation. Through a local seminary, inmates receive training in ministry to become pastors within the prison. The changed lives of these prisoners stand as a testimony to what God can do through one person’s vision. Several years ago, The Acton Institute did an in-depth interview with Burl Cain. Here is a link to the full article.

Marathon Year-End Message | 2014

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” – Singer Billy Ocean The various organisation ‘races’ that we all compete in have three elements in common: ever-increasing pressure on critical resources, continuous growth in demand for more value and better quality at a lower cost, and finally, stiff competition from many different angles. What do you do to ‘stay in the race’ during challenging times, when your success perspective is threatened, or the ability to show specific results suddenly fades? Can the race still be significant, despite the inability to meet certain success criteria?

Marathon Year-End Message | 2013

In 2012 the Western Province won the Currie Cup final by building MOMENTUM throughout the game. This year the Sharks gained their revenge, winning the final by UPPING THE PACE at just the right moments. Sadly, Western Province couldn’t keep up, losing the final and with it their place in history. What can we learn from these season finales? Certainly that both UPPING THE PACE at the right time and building MOMENTUM effectively are strong strategies for success. However, what sets apart the very best teams, and businesses, is the ability to build MOMENTUM across a period of time and UP THE PACE at key moments to beat the opposition. It requires good planning and perfect timing. But when you get the balance right, great things happen!

Marathon Year-End Message | November 2012

A YEAR OF PROGRESS Going into the Curry Cup final the Sharks had the MOMENTUM, but on the day the MOMENTUM belonged to Western Province. A team or an organisation has MOMENTUM until it hasn’t. Over the past 12 months there were many examples where MOMENTUM changed our society in an instant. Given its potential impact, how can we then influence it? In physics MOMENTUM is defined as “mass in motion”. The amount of MOMENTUM that an object has is dependent upon 2 variables: mass times velocity (directional speed). To create MOMENTUM one therefore has to manage either MASS, DIRECTIONAL SPEED or BOTH. Organisations BREAK THEIR OWN RECORDS when they capture the thinking and emotional MASS of their organisation and mobilise it with SPEED and DIRECTION.